A living space

The Club Nautique de Trouville-Hennequeville (Trouville-Hennequeville Nautical Club)

The Club Nautique de Trouville-Hennequeville was founded in 1961 from the passion of a few relentless sailors; amongst them its founding president, Paul Galichet, who has been by our side until its last breath...



Our club is located at the connection between the beaches of Trouville and Hennequeville. Set by the sea, it offers a panoramic view of the whole Baie de Seine and allows an active supervision of the water body. The club is a base equipped with regularly renewed boats thanks to the faithful support of the city. We practice sailing under all its forms: catamaran, windsurf, speed-sail, sand-yachting and dinghy.

The C.N.T.H. is affiliated to the French Sailing (FFV), Sand-yachting (FFCV) & Free Flight (FFVL) Federations. It has received the "Ecole Française de Voile" (French Sailing School) label for its teaching quality, its safety and the excellent level of its equipment.

The C.N.T.H.'s team welcomes you individually or in groups, with or without equipment and regardless of your level. Our certified instructors will know how to answer to your tastes for adventure on water, ensure a true nautical training in total safety or satisfy your wishes of freedom and speed with our sand yachts.

The C.N.T.H. is a living and meeting space where several sailor generations live with each other. The "elders", always present to party and make sandwiches for our racers, are the living memory of our club where we came and that we never left for our greatest pleasure.