Exceptional slide sensations from earlier age !

The New-Cat 10.5

Initiation boat conceived for the 7 to 11 years old, your little moussaillons will be able to surf like experts, and they can even bring a friend!


The Topaz 12

Advanced boat perfect for the 9 to 12 years old, its performances keep up with the bigger boats, speed and sensations guaranteed with the spinnaker.


The Topaz 14

Initiation boat for the 13+ years old, the Topaz 14 will take you to the advanced levels thanks to its complete equipment ( mainsail traveller, double trapeze and spinnaker). Thrill guaranteed for teenagers and adults.


The SL15 & SL16

Advanced boat aimed at teenagers and adults. Ideal for speed and regatta, it is equipped with a spinnaker and double trapeze. Thrill seekers, you will have the pleasure to rise in the air, enter planning, and maybe, with a little bit of luck, join the dolphins that regularly come to our shores...



  • Supervised training &  leisure 2018 license, valid from delivery date to December 31st 2018 : 11.50 €
  • F.F.V. Junior license (-18 years old) compulsory for competitive practice : 29.50 €
  • F.F.V. Adult license compulsory for competitive practice  : 58.50 €