Group Sailing

Corporate social meeting, holiday centres, seminaries, corporate HR events, junior high and high schools, elementary schools, you can organise "sailing" days with the C.N.T.H.

We will be able to answer to your demand and to place our know-how at your disposal to make this moment unforgivable.

Our school has the teaching and equipment adapted to your objectives:

  • Catamarans
  • Windsurfs
  • Sand-yachts
  • Speed-Sails
  • Paddles, giant Paddles
  • Kites
  • Sea kayaks
Voile en groupes

Our instructors tasked with teaching at your disposal have state certification, the C.N.T.H. having received the accreditation from the Inspection Académique. A quotation will be submitted to you on demand. Groups are welcome for camping on an annex field.

The infrastructure of the C.N.T.H. will be at your disposal:

  • club house
  • lavatories
  • classroom

Sand-yachting & Speed-sail

During low tides and with a minimum force 3 wind, it is possible to take advantage of our beautiful stretches of sand. We make available for you all the equipment for the time you wish.

If you already have experience sand yachting, an instructor will go through a quick reminder of the functioning and safety instructions before leaving you the reins. Wetsuits and helmets are provided.

If you do not have experience, lessons are organised, in groups, supervised by one or two instructors holding a state certification.

Collective sand-yachting and speed-sail sessions are available on appointment.

Sessions last from 1 to 3 hours.

Prices for collective sessions are established depending on the number of people with a price per person as follows:

Duration Price per person
1h session 35 €
1h 1/2 session 41 €
2h session 49 €
2h session, 1 sand yacht for 2 with rotations 41 €

Supplement: One school license per person (11 €)