At the C.N.T.H. you will practice freely with all the necessary safety measures.

  • Passive daily safety, with regular checks of safety equipments, life jackets, wet suits and loaded equipment, as well as updates of the maintenance register of our boats.
  • Active safety, with the supervision of a delimited navigation zone, through the collection of meteorological information before every outing, and checks for appropriate dress code.

Safety is also about a club spirit, everyone can benefit from advices of professionals on the water body and get to know the meteorological informations displayed in the club house. All members of the club benefit from a supervision during C.N.T.H. opening hours.

The C.N.T.H. is equipped with 10 safety boats regularly maintained and renewed.

Le C.N.T.H. est équipé de 10 bateaux de sécurité entretenus et renouvelés régulièrement.