Weekly trainings

The weekly trainings are open to all starting from 7 years old in initiation or advanced training.

  • All our trainings are supervised by state certified instructors from our structure, the C.N.T.H., certified by the F.F.V. and having received the "Ecole Française de Voile" label for its teaching quality.
  • A swimming certificate on a 25 or 50 meter distance with diving start is compulsory, as well as an authorization from the parents or legal tutor for underage children and teenagers.

For your information, a recent regulation evolution has modified the legal framework of the medical certificate of absence of medical contraindication to the sport practice.

You now have to present a medical certificate of sailing practice ability.

Stage Hebdo kl 10.5 - Copie


  • Trainings take place during school holidays from Monday to Friday, in half-days or full days from 9:30AM to 12:30AM and/or from 2PM to 5PM.
  • For windsurfing, on mornings from 10AM to 1PM and/or on afternoons from 2PM to 5PM.


Registration includes the membership of 2€, the provision of equipment and the school license with a civil liability insurance (guarantee extension possibility).

Media Half-day Full day
Catamaran initiation
catamousse 1 (NC 10.5) 158 € 271 €
catamousse 2 (NC 10.5) 158 € 271 €
catamaran junior and adults (Topaz 14) 176 € 307 €
Catamaran advanced training
catajeune (Topaz 12) 159 € 275 €
catamaran adult (SL 15) 191 € 322 €
Windsurf initiation 182 € 308 €
Windsurf advanced training 182 € 308 €
Stage Hebdo PAV

Equipment renting by the week

  • Wetsuit: 12 €
  • Windbreak coats: 5 €
  • Deposit: 100 €